Booking Procedures

Simple and easy steps, the online enquiry document or free text email actioned by you directly from our website, which then secures our undivided attention in offering you a detailed proposal for your request together with descriptions, images and our expertise advice on the specifics related to your journey of discovery with African Chapter.

Our environmental policies ensure our procedures are of low impact to both the environment as well you the traveller. Some travellers being often more robust in terms of their requirements and facilities required, we endeavour to reduce your carbon footprint through our organizational procedures and your suggestions are naturally welcomed to produce sensational experiences while travelling with us.

From here the process is digital, from secure payment gateways, to gift vouchers or further electronic confirmation documents and vouchers! In order to protect our intellectual property as a trademarked brand, all maps, directions and supplier contact detail will be supplied after proof of payment has been sent to your corresponding team member of African Chapter Tours.

With our 24 hour travelling guests helpline well infiltrated with greater crises procedures and contacts, ensure our guests receive an outstanding service when travelling with our organisation!

We appreciate any comments or feedback you may want to share with our team or fellow travellers and have an active blog as well as facebook pages where all related topics are openly discussed and reviewed – your feedback and comments are highly appreciated on these platforms and although we follow up with an e-mail on your return we do request that you post your comments on our social media sites for our teams warm fuzzy feelings.

Your comments and compliments are added to our “compliment page” on our website for a running commentary on our progressive and effective service standards! Should we receive negative feedback relating to your journey or excursion our standard procedure is for management to make contact with you to assess the finer particulars relating and to further investigate the scenarios and situations which led to dissatisfactory results and to finalise and repair corrections and ensure our future guests are not afforded similar experiences and that your experience is apologised for after cognisant acceptance of rectification.

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Terms & Conditions