Committed to achieving a high standard of environmental care, through-out. All aspects of tour operating , including marketing and promotional events related to our products and services. An extended commitment in pollution prevention, too minimising impacts from activities and sustainably assist our industry in reaching our goals of Responsible Tourism.

In achieving the above statement African Chapter will:

  • ┬áMaintain a comprehensive environmental management system with standards and procedures to identify, monitor and control potential risks;
  • Evaluate the environmental aspects associated with our activities and products, taking appropriate action to minimise potential risks;
  • Seek continuing improvement through setting and reviewing objectives and targets, assessing and reporting environmental performance and ensuring best practice is applied to the relevant local situation of 50km within tour operation activity as well as at the office location;
  • Communicate openly and consult with interested and affected parties about environmental issues, contribute to the development of sound legislation and regulations;
  • Build from a foundation of compliance with the applicable environmental laws, regulate the voluntary commitment including shareholder Environment Standards;
  • Ensure that environmental considerations are embedded in all aspects of the business;
  • Provide environmental awareness training and development for employees and associated team members;
  • Establish programmes to conserve resources, minimise waste, protect and rehabilitate the environment where it is unavoidably disturbed through our activities and service offering;
  • Conduct regular environmental audits and maintain Heritage Tour Operator Charter accreditation;
  • Review this mission statement at regular intervals in consultation with the employee representative bodies;
  • Prepare and maintain a closure plan;

The mission statement links in with the Communities, Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Mission Statements for African Chapter Tours.