History and Employees

Our efficient team have been involved in the industry at various levels, including entertainment, hospitality as well as lodge and financial management, tour operations, travel consulting and game ranging. Our combined years of experience in travel extend over 30 years while our management team have been designing sensational travel itineraries for the past 13 years.

African Chapter team passionately strive to ensure that our clients receive outstanding service based on our knowledge from gained experience and combined into a user-friendly service created in assuring your needs are met and attended to in a professional manner.

On a yearly basis our team take on students from various tertiary institutions to ensure we do our bit for our industry at large and assist with our future planet and travel managers, sharing our knowledge in ensuring satisfactory levels of quality are afforded to future travellers in all organisations passionate about travel in Africa. We have in the past drawn from both local South African students to further afield with students from both France and Germany in Europe whom we are still in contact with!

The company was created from partners and ex-guides whom received calls from past guests and offered our advice to the return travellers to our beautiful continent from countries all over the globe, we then extended our advice to completing bookings on behalf of our past guests. In turn this grew with referrals from the guests’ friends back home and so we employed our first employee, 13 years later our small team are still focused on providing services which are unique and exclusive to our clientele and guests alike. Our aim is not to become the biggest but to remain focused on offering the best personalised service available!

This year our team reached a dream we had anticipated a few years back – with the progress of technology pacing slightly slower than we originally had planned – we have eventually moved to our “home bases” – with management being able to work from our homes as a testing period for the past 2 years, although with old cell phone networks as telephonic communications, now we are all linked across VOIP infrastructure and have reduced our carbon emissions with only travelling to the office 2 or 3 times per week! The entire team effectively communicate across 3 IM (instant messaging) services to ensure we don’t lose our “team” work ethic! A fantastic achievement which has increased productivity and individuals moods, in turn being kinder to the environment we live in 😉

We have further expanded our network with new offices now situated in Centurion, we are able to operate across an online management system which reduces our requirements for hardware again reducing the demand on resources we now really are riding the technological wave up in the cloud.

We are all committed to the environmental management of our destinations supported and so strive to keep educating our suppliers and clients of their contribution and degradation associated with their travel arrangements in the aim of producing a better and more informed eco-travel channel from the first click to the last laugh!