Muldersdrift Team Building from R1250 per person for 2 Guided Activities

4 Options of Team Building Activities our package affords you the option of 2 ; each activity is approx. 2 hours duration

On arrival at meeting place in Muldersdrift 08h30. The group will be met and assisted to the venue
09h00 Light Continental Breakfast will be served
09h30 – 11h30 – Team Build activity
Break for Group Lunch
14h00 – 16h00 – Team Build Activity

Your options of activities are any 2 of the below listed components to our Muldersdrift Team Building Package

Ideal Group Size: 8 to 40 people
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Level of Activity: Light
Location: Outdoors
Comments: For larger groups it can be combined with Laser Clay & Foosball
We all know the basics, bow, arrow and a target that looks like a collection of multi coloured circles. From there it starts to get a bit more challenging, it is not an Olympic sport for nothing.
We will have instructors on hand to show you the basics on how to safely handle the bow and where to aim. Once everyone has had a chance to try their hand at this exciting sport, we divide the group into teams and run a team competition. The team competition is followed by an individual shoot out, which is fun to participate in and watch.
When you hit the bull’s eye we share the achievement and if you miss we will all have a laugh together and help you improve your next shot! By the end of the session you will be making allowance for wind and distance to keep in touch with the competition. Archery is a great, easy & fun event that everyone can master quickly and leave having had an excellent experience.

Ideal Group Size: 8 to 250 people
Duration: 2 – 3 Hours
Level of Activity: Light or Moderate
Location: Outdoors
Comments: Everyone is kept busy all of the time
Also incorporates: Fun, Synergy, Time Management, Strategic Planning, Delegation and Problem Solving.
Survivor Team Challenge – choose five, seven or nine challenges from a wide selection of activities and design your own customised event.
On the day of the event your group will be divided into teams. Each team will create a flag and an anthem. The teams will then rotate between the challenges every fifteen minutes. Points are awarded to the teams according to the positions in which they finish.
Also Incorporates: Strategic Planning, Delegation, Trust, Mentally Stimulating, Listening Skills, Goal Orientated, Problem Solving.
Programme. Teams have thirty minutes to create a team identity, which must include a war cry, team name and a team flag. The teams will then rotate between the challenges where they will compete against each other. Each challenge lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. Points are awarded to the teams according to the positions in which they finish.
THINKING ACTIVITIES – “A mental workout” Activities marked with * also fall into the physical category
1. *Tyre Juggle – The team has to work together to move five tyres onto one pole.
2. *Giant Marbles – The Goon is placed in the middle of the field and the team’s objective is to knock the Goon to the opposition’s side while standing outside of the field using only the balls provided. Patience, persistence, strategy and adaptability are essential.
3. Abstract Art – A great challenge involving lots of creative thinking as teams try to copy various pictures using only the shapes provided.
4. Memory – 36 blocks, 18 pairs, match them all and you have won
5. Marble Maze – The team has to manoeuvre the ball through a maze where a well-coordinated team effort is the trick.
6. Key Grab – The team has to cross a “no go” area using planks and stands, before constructing a long pole to reach a key and unlock the bounty.
7. Sliding Puzzle – 15 blocks with 16 spaces; the team needs to slide the blocks to complete the puzzle.
8. Tumbling Towers – Each team is given an identical set of building blocks. The team with the tallest free standing tower wins.
9. Leading the Blind – One person has to direct the rest of the team who are blindfolded, to complete various tasks. PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES “You will work up a sweat”
10. Tug Of War – Yes, you guessed it – pure testosterone as you try and pull the opposing team over the line.
11. Jolly Jumper – This is a sack race with a big difference.
12. Stretcher Race – The team has to carry each person over and under various obstacles.
13. *Giant Marbles – See “Thinking Activities.”
14. *Tyre Juggle – See “Thinking Activities.”
15. Nthachi – A traditional “African” game where participants from each team take it in turns to try and fill up a coke bottle with sand without getting hit by balls thrown at them by the opposing team!
16. Plank Shuffle – As long as you know your lefts and rights, this shouldn’t be a problem, as your team tries to collect as many balls as possible. FUN “Get ready to laugh”
17. Catch the Birdie – “Birds” keep on falling from the sky. Team members need to try and catch these “birdies” in specially designed nests strapped to their heads!
18. Broken Pipe Line – Teams race to move a ‘precious cargo’ from one point to another by joining short lengths of pipe.
19. Bug Eating Relay – The team has to choose between eating a small bug or a large but better tasting treat.
20. Katty Shootout – Each team must shoot the other team’s targets down. The team who shoots down all their targets first, wins! WATER ACTIVITIES “Be prepared to get wet”
21. Ball Float – Fill the pipe with water and float the ball out.
22. Boots & All – Each member in the team takes a turn at trying to transport as much water as possible in a pair of oversized “Gum Boots”, while wearing them!

Ideal Group Size: 8 to 40 people
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Level of Activity: Light
Location: Outdoors
Comments: For larger groups it can be combined with Archery or Foosball
Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting combines infrared beams and computer technology with the classic sport of clay pigeon shooting.
A trap launches clays at various speeds and angles and up to 5 people are able to shoot simultaneously with modified over and under 12 bore shotguns which have been modified to fire laser beams at the clays in a perfectly safe environment. There is no “kick”, however, computer controlled sounds contribute to the realism.
Conventional clay pigeon shooting has one clay, one person shooting with two shots. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting has one clay, five people shooting simultaneously and each person has two shots. A computer then determines within one thousandth of a second the order of hitting the clay. An indicator on the shotgun also gives instant feedback to the player so they know if they hit the clay or have missed! Spectators are able to follow the progress on the electronic scoreboard.
Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting can be played at most venues by people of all ages. It can be played during the day for fun, or as a competition. There are a variety of different games, which vary in difficulty and can be customised to suit the players.
Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is not harmful to the environment. The guns fire harmless infrared beams at reusable clays. The sound is computer generated with adjustable volume.

Three different games are available:

  • Skill Shoot: Each person that hits the clay gets two points for the first hit and one point for the second.
  • Rapid Fire: The first person to hit the clay gets five points, the second gets four points, the third get three points etc. It is possible for a person to be first and second to hit the clay and they would then score 9 points.
  • Speed Shoot: Only the first person to hit the clay scores two points.

Proposed Programme

  • Briefing and Demonstration
  • Practise session: Four or Five participants at a time play five games of “Skill Shoot”. We note each person’s score. Once everyone has had a chance to shoot, we rank the player from highest to lowest and use this information to form four or five teams.
  • Team Competition: These teams then compete against each other, with each person shooting a couple of rounds of Skill Shoot, Rapid Fire and Speed Shoot with their points adding to the team’s total. The winning team will be the team with the highest score. (we can run a couple of team competitions)
  • Knock Out: After the team challenge we can then run an “Individual Knock Out” competition. Four or five participants compete in “qualifying rounds” of a chosen game and at the end of each game the lowest scoring individual drops out. When there is only one person left this person moves through to the final. We repeat this process until all the participants have had a chance to qualify for the final. The winner of this event would be the overall winner. (We can follow a similar format to determine an overall winning lady or man.)
  • Betting: Spectators are able to try and speculate who is going to hit the clay and/or in what order. This is generally done on an informal basis.

Ideal Group Size: 11 to 60 people
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Level of Activity: Light
Location: Indoors
Comments: Time is crucial. Finish before the clock runs down or else!
THE ‘WIN IT’ TEAM CHALLENGE is a fun programme in with an emphasis on a ‘Minute to Win it’ type structure. Teams of participants compete against each other in a series of specially designed “indoor activities”. Time is crucial and teams must finish in time or else! The challenges are different, fun and mentally stimulating and can include, Towering Food, Floating on Air, Sliding Puzzle and Abstract Art.
Teams of participants compete against each other as they rotate between each of the challenges. At each challenge the teams are awarded points according to the position they finish in.
1. Towering Food – Using the ingredients provided, teams need to build the tallest, almost edible tower.
2. Around The World – After finding the hidden country, teams need to arrange an itinerary so they can ‘fly’ to all the countries as quickly as possible.
3. Abstract Art – A great challenge involving lots of creative thinking as teams try to copy various pictures using only the shapes provided.
4. Floating on Air – Store as much air as possible and see how long one of your team-mates can levitate.
5. Sliding Puzzle – 15 blocks with 16 spaces, the team needs to slide the blocks to complete the puzzle.
6. Marble Relay- Transfer it as quick as possible, but drop it at your peril!


Your Muldersdrift Team Building Package Price Includes:

  • 2 X 2 HOUR Team Build Activity
  • Lunch as Indicated

Your Muldersdrift Team Building Package Price Excludes:

  • Beverages not included in options listed above
  • Items of a personal nature – Laundry, telephone calls etc
  • Gratuities

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