Waterberg Weekend Special

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The Waterberg or Thaba Meetse from the Northern Sotho translation is a mountainous massif of around 14,500 square kilometers in South Africa. The average height of the mountain range is 600 m with a few peaks rising up to 2000 m above sea level. Vaalwater town is located just north of the mountain range. The extensive rock formation was shaped by hundreds of millions of years of riverine erosion to yield diverse bluff and butte landforms. The Waterberg today contains mesas, buttes and some kopje outcrops with certain cliffs rising to 550 meters above the plains, with exposed multi-coloured sandstone.

The ecosystem can be characterised as a dry deciduous forest or Bushveld. Within the Waterberg there are archaeological finds dating to the Stone Age, and nearby are early evolutionary finds related to the origin of humans. The first region in the northern part of South Africa to be named as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Vegetative cliff habitats are abundant in the Waterberg due to the extensive historic riverine erosion. The African porcupine uses the protection of these cliffside caves today whilst in the past humans would have taking advantage of such shelters. Some trees cling to the cliff areas, including the paperbark false-thorn, that have flaking bark hanging from their thick trunks. Another tree in this habitat is the fever tree, thought by Bushmen to have special power to allow communication with the dead, found on cliffs above the Palala River including one site used for prehistoric ceremonies, also a location of some intact rock paintings.

  • iNTIMATE | Just 10 guests in this canopied hideaway.
  • pERFECTLY BASED | Easy access to all the diverse areas of the reserve.
  • uNIQUE SPECIES | Many species endemic to the Waterberg area.
  • aNCIENT SURROUNDS | One of the oldest mountain ranges on earth.
  • hONEYMOON SUITE | A playful & romantic suite for couples.
  • iNDOOR/OUTDOOR | Enjoy a bath or shower with a view of the stars.

A secluded oasis of romantic suites perched along the rugged valley of the Taaibos River. It offers peace and tranquillity for those seeking to get away from it all. The five strategically positioned suites all offer privacy amongst a canopy of trees while affording intimate views of the valley below and the hills beyond. Unwind in the comfort of a double room with bathroom en-suite, an indoor and private outdoor shower and breath-taking African views. The main facilities include the two lounges, pool, indoor and outdoor dining areas set on a huge wooden patio with magnificent views. All meals are prepared by our local chef for an authentic and delicious culinary experience. Surrounded by magnificent rock outcrops, a secluded oasis in the rugged valley of the Taaibos River. The Chacma baboon, after which the lodge is named, calls at the break of dawn.

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